12 Christmas wishes

1. The Architect's Brother by Robert Parkeharrison

2. Five skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca's worsted in ecru (to knit this)

3. Palomarie equilibrium necklace

5. Amethyst slice necklace by mossiere

6. Pretty bangles

7. Sampler of yummy salts

8. Steel thigmotrope satellites to hold some cool air plants

9. Two twin sheets and one queen by Rough Linen

10. Video camera for recording my kooky husband

11. Knitted fox pillow

And then there's always the basics: like chocolate, moisturizer, lotion, and camera film. Or a trip to Paris.


  1. Items 2, 10 & 12 are already being delivered. Merry Christmas Danielle!

  2. I knit a big cowl like that for my sister, except in seed stitch. I hope she likes it!

  3. Thanks LuAnn! That's so very sweet. Can't wait to see you!

    Jackie, that sounds so nice. I'd be surprised if she didn't love it. The best part about a big cowl is how cozy it is and cozy things make for great presents. Plus, you made it.