Quarter century.

My 25th birthday was completely great. The two weeks after have been super busy school and work-wise, so apologies for the delayed report.

I woke up that friday morning to lots of kisses and a very excited husband who was so thrilled he couldn't keep straight whose birthday it was. Mine or his? It was a good question, but he was so giggly we never got around to deciding. Then I got my present. Boots. Boots I have wanted so badly for the last three years but never had a good enough excuse to buy them. So Jared got them for me. I put them on immediately, even though I was still in bed and my wide feet barely fit in them.

Here they are. No action shots yet.

They are perfect in every way.

Jared also gave me a pound of chocolates. They went really well with the macarons my sweet mother and sister-in-law sent.

We had the best tacos in the world for lunch. Followed by churros. We walked around downtown Boston and bought an ice cream maker attachment for our KitchenAid. And an ice cream cookbook. Then we got the best Thai food in the city for dinner. But take-out, so that we could eat it at home on our couch while watching Mad Men. It was a really really good day.

On Sunday, we had a handful of friends over for cake and snacks. This year I made a chocolate cake with salted-caramel cream cheese frosting. It was delicious. I'll post a recipe that includes the most perfect chocolate cake I've ever made. It is my go to chocolate cake. (Last year's cake was chocolate with chocolate mascarpone filling and chocolate ganache. Same cake, though.)

The past year has been so life-changing. Last Christmas, I got engaged. I started school again. We planned a wedding. We got married. And moved. And moved again. The crazy thing is that these are only a few of the highlights. I have never felt so blessed. 


  1. I can just say that there are few things in life that can make you as happy as a new pair of cute boots!

  2. Umm..can I just say that it sounds like a perfect birthday to me! Boots, tacos, ice cream..and Mad Men. Wow! Happy belated birthday! :)