Minnesota Vikings vs New England Patriots

We (especially me) were delightfully heckled for our rivaling team loyalties. Several people offered comments of genuine concern about our relationship.

We had previously contemplated trading shirts for Halloween costumes, but I don't think mine would have fit J.

Patriot Place is clearly enormous.

See the board? Right after the Vikings scored the first touch down.

And Jared doesn't want to talk about it.
(But don't worry, love. Your team wins it in the end.)

The tickets were a surprise present from my mom. It was such a good day. We sat in great mix of Pats and Vikings fans, including three old men behind us who talked smack for the first 45 minutes.
Non-stop. In thick Massachusetts accents*.
And then disappeared.
It was awesome.

Point of interest: Jared and I met on Halloween last year.

*In case you are unaware, a Massachusetts accent invariably includes the copious and indiscriminate use of some the best swears you can come by. 

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