All Hallows' Eve

I went to a masquerade ball at the Harvard Club.
It was so pretty and glamorous.
Not very spooky.

The highlight of my night was on the way there. While walking past a restaurant, a woman inside distinctly mouthed "She looks so pretty."
About me.
I wanted to hug her.
It didn't even matter that I only got asked to dance once - by a guy who later fist-bumped me.

I loved that woman.
And my dress.


  1. This picture is perfect. Everything about it is absolutely stunning and I love it almost as much as I love you.

  2. So was it Jared that asked you to dance and fist bumped you?

  3. No. Thank goodness. Because, is there anymore effective a way to say "Thanks for the dance. I am not at all interested in you," without, you know, actually saying it?

    No, instead Jared kind of just blew me off the one time I talked to him at there.