Ghosts of Halloween Future

I spent the weekend with five dear girls in a Boston hotel. We decided to stay downtown for the LDS Education Conference. The whole thing was fantastic, except for the part about it being apparently impossible to get six people to sleep at the same time. No. I mean seriously. I was this close to grabbing the comforter and climbing into the bathtub. Or onto the balcony. Or into the hallway. But achy eyelids and high anxiety levels aside, I would say it went off famously.

We had plenty of spiritual enlightenment, sushi, laughs, dress-up, dancing, and spooky/sketchy Halloween fun. Some people also had romance. Those people were not me.

I did, however, have my palm read. That was interesting. It was this place next to a Subway, up a flight of stairs, and into what at first seemed to be someone's living room. Lifetime was on TV playing a really confusing, vaguely disturbing movie that my friend Jesyka and I watched way too much of while we waited for our turn with the psychic. We were too scared to change the channel since the women seemed irritated to have us there in the first place. I thought psychics were supposed to be floaty and eccentric. Like an Enya song. She was stern and not unlike the Soviet national anthem. So we waited and did our very best not to come down with asthma attacks from the overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke. Because the psychic would not have been amused. And we really wanted her to like us.

Finally, it was Jesyka's turn. Then it was mine. She asked each of us to make a wish and then glanced at our palms. After that she sort of free-styled it. She told us things about ourselves, our lives, and how things might turn out. I think both of our auras caused her some concern. My reading was insightful, but not eerily accurate. Jes said hers really could not have been more dead-on and it freaked her out. Ultimately, it was a kind of expensive burst of spontaneity on our parts, but worth it for the story - which we had to remind each other of at various points.

"I'm not backing out. Are you backing out?"
"No. I'm not backing out. Are you saying you want to back out?
"No no, I'm definitely doing it."

And now we get to say this:

"So this one time, on Halloween, we were getting lunch at a Subway downtown when we decided to go next door to see a cash-only psychic. ..."

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  1. It was a rather good weekend. The lack of sleep was well worth the fun times. Especially since eventually the sleeping thing was fixed.