I have this problem wherein from time to time I go online and look for dogs (and sometimes bunnies) that are available for adoption. Even though we can't get one right now. Our apartment doesn't allow for dogs. We aren't settled enough to make that commitment to a pet. I know all this. But, man, I love puppies.

Yesterday I fell in love with Posie. She's two months old and is an American pit bull mix. I want her to live with me forever. I'm seriously a little devastated we can't adopt her.

I'm crazy for her. Her eyes and floppy ears are so endearing (though, why the sweater? let's nix that). Honestly, if Jared wasn't a firm no on this, I'd probably go beg our landlord to make an exception. 

If you live on the east coast and want a new friend, Posie currently lives in Hopkinton, MA. 

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