So, I think I'm done with my post-wedding blog break. Now that it's been a million years. But those years went by super fast for me on account of how much I like my new husband. Check it. He's awesome.

photo by Summer Street Photography

There is now a lot to cover, though. Like the wedding and our wedding night fiasco. Yes, a fiasco with yelling, three dollar and fifty cent tolls, airplanes, and Dunkin' Donuts (just kidding, we avoided the DD).

Also, this summer, we have found ourselves a new little home for the fall. It's a small two bedroom apartment in Dorchester about 30 seconds from the JFK redline stop. I craigslisted like a maniac to find it. Many times Jared had to demand that I stop refreshing the page and put the computer away. But, my efforts resulted in totally awesome rent in pretty decent location and no broker's fee, despite the best efforts of the entire Boston/Cambridge real estate market. We are currently in the midst of moving in, but we have several weeks in which to do it. We're also doing a bunch of little projects to make it our very own/better.

More to come.

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  1. A new home! How fun! I'm sure you'll make it your own/way adorable. Post pictures!