My very newest best friend

This little darling is one month old. I get to spend all my mornings with her
after her big sister Mooshi goes to school. 
Sometimes, we are napping buddies.
We both feel real good about naps.

Things she is good at:
Lying on her tummy
Collecting nicknames (Lulu, Cheeks, Cutie pootie, Girlie ...)
Making friends
Smelling good
Wearing blue

Also, it hasn't snowed once since the day she was born.

Babies are one of the top three best kinds of friends to have.

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  1. So much cuteness! I am not one of those people that think every baby is completely cute and beautiful (that sounds horrible, but I mean when they're first born sometimes only the parents see their beauty, you know?) but she is just the cutest!