And on the third day ...

Jared and I celebrated Easter this morning at Trinity Church in Boston's Copley Square. We went to Easter services together here last year as well. The church was dedicated in 1877 and is absolutely beautiful.

The service was so joyful and inspiring. There were hundreds of people and I loved the feeling of all us coming from our very different lives to celebrate with one another such a miracle - the event that forms the foundation of Christian faith. I feel so proud of humanity whenever I find myself in a room of people who are full of goodwill toward one another.

from picasa

Amidst the stunning choir, orchestra, and organ music, the stained glass windows, and the smiling people I was struck by how we as human beings are capable of creating some truly beautiful things. I think this kind of beauty brings us a little closer to heaven. For me, that is the transcendent message of Easter this year - that all things can be repaired, restored, and exalted with God. 

After the service (and a special thanks to our primo parking spot - right on the square, I kid you not), we headed over to attend church with our usual congregation. But, unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the main speaker that it was Easter. So the meeting was pretty lame. Especially for a holiday (probably I would have thought it was lame on a regular Sunday too). So, we cut out early and had Easter dinner with some Hindus. 

Happy Easter!

(I am contemplating going to Whole Foods tomorrow to buy some organic jelly beans - they are oddly you good, in case you didn't know - and eating them until I feel sick. But, probably I shouldn't. Right?)


  1. Okay, visiting a service like that on easter is the BEST IDEA EVER. Mormons do *not* do a very good job at the whole easter thing, as you well know. We are most definitely doing this with our babies in the future.

  2. It is so fantastic to feel connected to the greater christian community - you should totally go to another service nest year! And the liturgies are so lovely. Next year I want to go to some Greek Orthodox services during Holy Week. I have some Orthodox friends and I am told they really go all out. It is THE high holiday.