Pre-invitation invitation

Since neither the fiance or myself are originally from the Boston area, we've got a lot of out-of-town invites to send out. But, in the interest of providing an earlier heads up (so more of them will come?) and giving out some travel info AND collecting addresses, we made a movie. A film! (ha.)

We sent it off tonight. Wanna see?

It took a silly number of takes to get through even small sections (what with the laughter and/or withering looks). Hence a few (there were so so many to choose from) outtakes interspersed throughout. We spared everyone the five minute long discussion we had to have in the middle of memory card number one (there were two) about scripted versus improvised techniques. 

The editing was a joint effort ... but also mostly Jared. 


  1. You two are so cute and I love love love that idea!

  2. I just popped over from lincoln park on a lark - the video is so adorable! Adding outtakes was such a great idea!