Wedding ideas that have not been approved

I should say that by "not approved," I mean rejected heartlessly and out of hand.

1. Theme "Our Pioneer Heritage"
          In a brief and horrifying google search for a temple dress, I noted that many of these same sites sell pioneer replica clothing. One half of this wedding committee proposed a theme and suggested dress code for guests. Imagine the photos! The other half said NO. Like that, in capitals and everything. You know most of our guests aren't mormon, right? You know neither of us actually has pioneer ancestors? Irrelevant, I say. It would provide an excellent opportunity for the wearing of bonnets and would help us repent for skipping all those pioneer themed sunday school classes.

2. Register for baby gear
          The short engagement will have many wondering anyway. And this would be funny, especially to me. Plus, we'd use all of it eventually.

3. Um ... shoot. I can't remember the others now. But I'm sure you can imagine how creative they were. 


  1. I'm totally bringing my bonnet.

  2. Perfect. You should also consider traveling by handcart.

  3. hahaha. i can see how googling temple dress could be horrifying if you haven't gone through the temple yet. better to go to a distribution center?

  4. It was really the preponderance of lace that got to me. And the polyester.

  5. Number 2 cracked me up. :)

    I don't know where you live - but the pioneer thing could go off really well in... Utah... maybe Idaho. I don't know many other places that the pioneer theme would work though. lol.

  6. Oh - and I bought my dress on Ebay for less than $100. I just searched for "Modest wedding dress." If it has short sleeves you can either wear a nice white sweater (depending on where you like the temple may be able to lend you one) and then take it off for the other activities. I bought my wedding dress, but actually just borrowed a dress for the ceremonies.