Day after

The day after Christmas Jared's newest niece was given her baby blessing and we drove from Arizona to St. George to be there. It was nice. She is still so teeny tiny.
Then we played with her older brothers and sisters.
I guess all of these kiddos are/will be my nieces and nephews too. Which feels strange since I've never had any before and now I'll have 5+1. But I like it.

Highlights included India presents (so many little girl bangles!) and my instant camera. 
I think one or other of the kids took each of these pictures.
Guess which one is by three year old Elizabeth.


  1. How adorable! Just stumbled across your blog and love it. :)

  2. Just stumbled here ... instata photos from a three year old are wonderful. i love to see their perspective on life. and your new ring, gorgeous!