As it turns out, planning a wedding is less "fun" than I thought it might be. Mostly because the number one thing in the whole world that makes me feel stressed and triggers my anxiety is money and stuff there unto it. Do you know what you have to think about a lot when putting together a semi-fancy party for 150 people? Money. I kind of definitely want to stop thinking about it. Or spreadsheeting about it (new useful verb). I would like the part where I have to pay for things to go away, please, thank you.

We could just skip ahead to the parts I think sound more like "fun."

p.s. We picked a month and a city. Boston in May. Lovely, I think.

p.p.s. People here do not know what to do with themselves when they are confronted with our 5 month engagement plans. I think lots of them probably think I'm pregnant or something. (Which reminds me that I have to tell you about Jared's complete lack of support for all my best ideas. How is that related? Good question.)


  1. I feel the same way about wedding planning - it was fun until I started writing the deposit checks, and then it was real and UGH that's a lot of money! Boston in May sounds beautiful, I can't wait to see the pictures. :)

    We're having a long engagement, and people don't seem to know what to do with that either. I guess you can't win!

  2. Oh exactly! I'm not one to stress about the perfection of the day or small details. I just want to make things feel personal and throw in some projects where I learn some new crafty skill (both fun). I don't have dramatic friends or family. So I wasn't expecting to feel stressed. But, I forgot about the money part.

    I hadn't thought much about it, but yeah, I guess people would raise a lot of eyebrows at particularly long engagement too. I think anything far outside of the year-ish range is probably "odd" to most.

  3. When we planned our wedding, that was the ONLY argument we had -- and we had it once. We then sat down and said we want to spend __% of our budget on flowers/food/venue. It really helped us to prioritize things because there are SO many decisions to make. And always remember to leave some money left in the budget for the extras, cause they do pop up!

    I love planning weddings. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with ... and am always open to bounce ideas off! HOW FUN!

    Enjoy every second, it does go fast. But the marriage is far better and a lot more fun!

  4. 2.75 month engagement for me. wish it had been 2 months, but oh well. all is done now. i was so stressed the last two weeks beforehand, but then the day of (since i delegated things to everybody so didn't help set up at all) and afterward is zero stress and it's wonderful. good luck with the planning!

  5. p.s. to save money we didn't do flowers or a wedding cake and all activities connected to both. if you don't care about certain things and just feel like you'd be doing them to continue with tradition, maybe you shouldn't do them. just my very unprofessional thoughts.