An unfortunate circumstance

Oh dear. I am so sick. Tomorrow is my last day here and I spent yesterday and, particularly, today feeling just plain bad. It is unfortunate because there are a few things left that I wanted/want to do - lying in bed with body aches and fever not among them.

I cannot tell you the last time I got sick like this. But, I do not like it. I want vegetable noodle soup, smoothies, and someone to hold my hand.

On a brighter note, I have had an amazing time. Lot's of stories and pictures to come.

Another bright note: Christmas. Did you know that's happening soon?

Man oh man, I hope I sleep tonight. And please I would not like to spend twenty sick hours on an airplane, thank you.


  1. Prayers for a good night sleep and quick recovery! I hope you can enjoy your last day there...xoxox

  2. So sorry to hear you got sick on vacation, that's the worst :( Thank goodness it was near the end and not at the beginning!