Life List

Plan and execute a guerilla art project
Road trip across the U.S.
African safari
Own and train a puppy dog
Marry someone really good
Play dietary elimination game and see what happens
Learn to play guitar
Learn to play ukulele
Zip line through a canopy in Costa Rica
Sew 5 articles of clothing I actually like
Learn my blood type and donate
Take a series of ballroom dance classes
Milk a cow
Raise hens
Do a headstand (no wall)
Read the entire Bible
Keep bees
Have my portrait painted
Paint a portrait
Spend a week in a monastery
Spend a week in an ashram
Eat at the French Laundry
Build a treehouse
Spend the night in a treehouse
Practice yoga everyday for 6 months
Fly first class on an international flight
Ride an elephant
Swim with dolphins in the wild
Plan a wedding
Build a lamp
Live in France for at least 6 months
Live in a non-European country for at least 6 months
Grow my hair long
Build a piece of furniture
Shuck oysters
Give birth at home
Learn to blow glass
Ride horses in Mongolia
Have a personal library
Eat at 25 of the best 50 restaurants in the U.S.
Tile a floor/wall
Make 5 kinds of cheese at home
Sing in public
Publish a book of poems
Throw a dinner party every other week for a year

Do you have one?


  1. Your "ride horses in Mongolia" is totally on my list too. I have epic visions of myself, on a trusty steed, galloping across the steppes with my hair streaming like a banner, feeling very warrior like or something :)

    And the "first class on an international flight" sounds great, if only because I can drug myself up and sleep through the whole thing horizontal instead of hunched over.

    (oh, and this is "Sophia" from that wife)

  2. This inspires me..I have had sort-of writer's block about this lately.