It's like a holiday for just you and me

I was in charge of the anniversary celebrations, which meant I could have all the fun that comes with surprises without any of the impatience of waiting to see what would happen.
Jared thinks my eagerness to discover what a surprise might be is a character flaw.
I think his calm is unnatural.

Thing #1
Tosca performed by the Boston Lyric Opera

Jared loves opera and likes Puccini second to Mozart - which I confirmed through some not-at-all-suspicious questions.
It was wonderful. The music was thrillingly beautiful.

Thing #2

A late night dinner of macaroni and cheese and butterscotch pudding.
Plus, extras for the rest of the week.
I think they both came out quite nicely, although, I think
I will tweak my pudding recipe a bit.

Thing #3

A mix cd for mushy moods.

Thing #4

This one's a secret.

Pictures from the BLO

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