Memorial Day weekend is the greatest

The greatest ever. This weekend was so fantastic I almost have a new favorite holiday (not that I have an old favorite holiday; I am an equal opportunity holiday lover (also I can't pick favorites)).

Friday: bicycle shopping, birthday party (Maryn!), vaguely lewd word games, mixed drinks, midnight kick ball, goodnight kisses

Saturday: early morning kisses, patio brunch, tropical French toast, cream of wheat, errands, frisbee in the park, smores, backyard movie

Sunday: church, picnic on the esplanade, more frisbee, avocado sushi, cold fruit, serious talks, long hugs, late night tv, chocolate ice cream

Monday: late morning, perfect eggs, JFK museum, castle island, kite flying, fort climbing, soft-serve ice cream, extra freckles, long naps

I have not a single photo of any of this. I do have a slightly pink nose. And a new kite.
Have you seen this picture by Paulo Octavius? It's from his cool photography series called Same Hill, Different Day.

This is what Castle Island was kind of like. Except with fewer kites. Plus a fort. And an ocean. 

Today, I love summer.

p.s. Did you notice I checked some things off my list?

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