Hello, then

I don't know if you noticed, but I haven't written in a while. I mean, I know Maryn noticed because she said so, and requested something other than supremely cute baby faces to look at. But, maybe the last two months have gone by like a short, but decidedly groggy afternoon nap for some other people as well. March? April? Where'd you run off to? Too late to find out now, I suppose.

I think this means it's time for a recap. With bullet points.

  • Ta da! I took this semester off from school. And the next one, too. School was hard in ways it shouldn't be - ways that really only come along with chemical imbalances in the brain. So even though I am close to graduation and am already old on the undergraduate age spectrum, I pressed pause. I want to like school and succeed at it the way I have in the past. I'm thinking this will do it ...
  • I am working full-time taking care of an 18-ish month old baby girl. I fully adore her. She will charm your pants off. Plus, she is the cutest. Really. And her parents are awesome, too.
  • I am learning/have learned how to make various Indian foods. The family I work for is Indian and comes with a grandmother who likes to show you how. It's neat. And delicious.
  • My own family is kind of a bummer right now. Parents (primarily, almost totally dads) who just can't get it together and siblings who aren't handling the separation/maybe divorce/hopeful reconciliation/likely divorce/??? situation well equal a lot of stress. And sadness.
  • I am reading book after book after book. It feels so good. Even in school I still read for myself a lot, but I have much more time for it now. Currently, I am reading a few plays by George Bernard Shaw and the Dune series. Next: The Things They Carried.
  • Topping out the list of things I like about my life right now is the boyfriend. He is my favorite. My very favorite. I would have a hard time telling you why in the amount of space appropriate for a bullet point, so I'm not going to try. ( But yeah, we're still dating)

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  1. yay for new post! and for my shoutout!

    I am glad that you still have some favorites in your life and i <3 your face.