Leap frog

Mid-February means it is time for the leap frog holidays. This is probably confusing to everyone who does not happen to live inside my head, so it's cool if you don't know what I'm talking about. The thing is that Valentine's day sets off a little series of special occasions in my family and, since they all happen two days apart, I've always thought it's an awful lot like a game of leap frog.

Today is actually the last of the leap frog holidays so I thought I'd recap:

February 14th - Valentine's day
I love this day for its sweetness and its silliness. I also loved my Valentine, whose name is Jared (in case you forgot). I wrote him a little letter and he took me to dinner. It was great. And we laughed a lot. I think we were the only two people in the room laughing. After, we cuddled and watched DVDs because we are pros at both those things. (This day is maybe not all the way over because I heard a rumor about some kind of something coming in the mail ...)

February 16th - Parent's anniversary
They have been married a number of years that I am pretty sure falls around 25ish. That's not an easy thing to do. I hope they can still do it because I like them together.

February 18th - Momma's birthday
(does anyone else call their mom momma sometimes?)
My mom was born 47 years ago. I like that she's around and not just because she = me. She is kind and funny and dedicated. Also really pretty. A boy once told me that if I could guarantee I would look like my mom when I'm her age he would marry me stat. That didn't work out. But no matter, because my mom is a good friend to have around when you have a boy and when you don't. She's basically always good to have around. The best part is that she always will be.

P.S. Writing this made me want to play leap frog because that game is so fun. And then I remembered that, actually, it is fun in theory and then kind of let down when you try to play.

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  1. hahah true story. i'm always afraid someone will fall on me, or me on them.