I crashed my little brother's car a week ago. Completely totaled it on the way to pick Jared up from the airport (he flew in for New Year's (which was awesome, btw)).

It was a quarter after nine and had just started to snow. I hit a slick part of the road and the car started to fishtail and slid into the median. As soon as it hit the snow, the car rolled over. 60 mph suddenly seems a lot faster, terrifyingly fast, when you can't control the car anymore. It rolled once and I thought/prayed that I would like to not die. As it rolled the second time, I thought/prayed that I would also like to not pass out. When the car finally stopped, upside down on its roof, I gasped, "Oh, thank you Heavenly Father," and pushed myself up to unhook the seatbelt. I could hear someone outside running to the car, yelling to ask if I was ok, as I climbed out towards the passenger side window.

The back of the car

The passenger's side

I waited for the police, the ambulence, and my dad with a couple who pulled over when they saw my car flip. I called my mom and Jared, who's plane had just landed, and tried not to cry. I was shaking hard and felt vaguely hysterical. They strapped me into the ambulence and I had the surreal experience of being rolled into the emergency room on gurney and having my pants cut off my legs while doctor's and nurses moved in and out of the room, asking me questions and performing examinations. Jared took a cab to hospital and met my dad for the first time in the emergency room while I was getting x-rays.

 I think that was kind of awkward.

Eventually, and thankfully, everything checked out and I went home with nothing worse than a concussion, cuts, and some bruises. And a boyfriend to take naps with. Doctor recommended naps.

Since then my face has swollen, and turned purpled around my eyes. It doesn't hurt, but I look battered. I feel fine, though. Really fine. My dad likes to point out that I feel better than I did an hour after the crash but I look worse. My little sister Savannah basically thinks I should wear a mask.

The driver's side

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  1. Oh my gosh. You were definitely meant to live.