Because it's way cuter than a blood diamond

Yesterday, I spent a good part of the evening lying in bed with mom watching wedding shows - pre-recorded, obviously, so we could skip all the commercials. I really have no patience for commercials anymore. Really. I will turn the TV off and wait for something to record rather than sit through a single commercial break. It's almost like I'm taking a stand against consumerism, but really that comes later in this post.

Anyway, we went through a pretty decent cache of shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Platinum Weddings (but not Bridezillas, because that show hurts my feelings). And there are a remarkably large number of wedding 'things' one can spend money on. Also, there are a remarkably large number of really pretty dresses in the world, but probably more ugly ones.

But, none of that is the point. In fact, all this is to say that I somehow came to the conclusion, in the midst of all the taffeta and centerpieces, that I would be just as pleased with an engagement puppy as I would be with a ring.

from here

Probably more so. Because. Seriously. Look at that little thing.

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