I'd swim the ocean for you

I have a Kelsey. She is like no one but herself and herself is really kind of wonderful. There is a lot that should be said about this girl. Like how she talks to herself using terms of endearment and mild scoldings. Or how she straightens her hair in the most haphazard way I have ever seen. Or how she giggles in her sleep. But today she told me about these dreams she has. And I haven't found anything so funny or charming or so very Kelsey in a while.

See. Sometimes she has bad dreams. About terrorists. And the dreams go something like this:

Kelsey gets kidnapped and put on TV, crying and up for ransom as the terrorists threaten to chop her head off. They keep her for some time. She makes multiple television appearances in tears, begging for release. But they never end up decapitating her, even though she's never ransomed or rescued. Why? Because while she is with them she converts the terrorists to the gospel of Jesus Christ. And they repent. And give her back.

I mean. Seriously. Who has such a dream? And don't you wish you had a Kelsey like mine?

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