A Christmas present inventory. This is mostly for Jesyka who wanted a rundown of all my Christmas presents (and obviously I want one from you too Jes). But yeah, this is a list of most everything I was gifted on Christmas. Part of me feels like this might be inappropriate? But you needn't think I forgot the real meaning of Christmas. No, I have seen far too many of those made-for-TV-movies for that kind of rookie mistake. Nope. I had a fantastic day full of gratitude for the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ spent with my family and my mom's family. Plus, I managed to get pretty decently outfitted for winter. Lovely, really. A perfect kind of Christmas.

From Santa:

SmartWool socks

Calvin Klein winter coat

Sooo much warmth. I wore these things around the house all morning, pretending we live in an igloo. Which, really, we kinda do.

From my parents:

Sorel winter boots
(Yes I wore these around all morning too. Like slippers)

(And this one I've been wearing non-stop for the past three days. At least)

From my dad exclusively:

Mac Powerbook circa 19Old
Because he knows how much I want a Mac ...
No. It does not appear to turn on.

From my brother and sisters:

From boyfriend:

Christmas Eve flowers

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