I like lists. And being happy. This is such a nice idea I wanted one of my own.

1. Unexpected postcards
2. Eskimo Kisses
3. In-flight movies
4. Nights by the lake
5. Blowing kisses to the ocean
6. Cooking dinner for my loves
7. A made bed
8. Daydreaming
9. Finding rooftops and secret entrances
10. Affectionate nicknames

Now I'm thinking making a list like this should become an every-once-in-a-while habit {can that even be a thing?}. Because sometimes ten seems like an awful big number of things to be happy about. Which is a shame. But it's also true. And when life is pressing and grey like that I am certain there couldn't be a better time to count happy things all the way up to a whole ten. Of course, sometimes you can't stop counting. Then, doesn't it feel so nice to be so content? When there are so many small joys, they are worth noticing. I like the idea of looking at older lists and re-remembering things that make me happy.

{An unmade bed can be just as nice}

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