Everyone wants you to speak Italian

... or some thoughts on Milan

1. The city feels real and present in a way that Florence does not.

2. The Brera is an incredible museum. I would come back to Milan just to walk through it again. There are so many pieces there I want to visit with again, you know, a nice long chatty visit.

3. I have to go back. Since I didn’t reserve far enough ahead to visit The Last Supper. Which is in Milan, by the way. I didn’t know that before.

4. Older men think it’s cute when you don’t speak the language. This can result in a free eggplant. Everybody else is less than impressed.

5. Saw an opera at La Scala. My first opera. Have very high expectations for any future productions. It was breathtaking.

6. Enough churches to walk in and out of for days. And they are like snowflakes.

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